SS: I-6: Deeper Than Flesh And Bones.


“Imagine a scenario – unlikely, I know – where every adult mind and every source of knowledge in a modern world is stripped clear of the act of sex~ not awareness, not chemistry, not prelude~ just the actual act part of it”, he said suddenly, his eyes humorous and contemplative, his lips moving as he chewed on a dried out twig of sand reed, “How would love between a man and a woman look like?

They lay on a mat on the beach, their bodies almost dried in the waning sunlight, their skin feeling the first shivers of an approaching dusk. Even as they talked with their heads close together, their eyes reflected every shift in the color-palette of the sky and it’s fleecy ribbon-like clouds.

“It would be like going back in time”, Khushi smiled, “To being the first man and woman on earth. Boom…you suddenly find yourself in this new place and before you can even know who you are or adjust to your loneliness, before you can even get your bearings back actually, you come across another person who kind of looks like you”.

Arnav cleared his throat. “With some pertinent differences”.

“With some pertinent differences, of course”, she affirmed, her mouth curving humorously.

“And then?

“And then”, she turned on her side and he did too, “they explore their similarities and differences, relieve each other’s loneliness, communicate through eyes and – I don’t know- grunts maybe”.

“For one day olds, don’t you think they know a hell of a lot? Reading each other’s eyes and what not, already?

Even as he laughed silently, Khushi grinned and said, “Ofcourse they do. I forgot to mention, they’ve been pre-programmed to feel, understand and basically, just be the way we are”.

“Pre-programmed by whom?, he asked with his eyes crinkling in mischief, “Steve Jobs?

“Haha…very funny”, she said, pinching his stubbled cheek, “Even though some people- not me- do believe Apple to be an integral part of this particular story, Steve Jobs isn’t. And to answer your question, pre programmed by the one who created us. I thought you believed in God. Or whatever name you might want to address him or her with”.

“I do”, he said unhesitatingly, “I have many questions, some reservations but yeah…I do believe”.

“So what happens next?, he asked after a pause, curving his arm around her waist to draw her so close that their noses almost touched, “How did they get to the fun part?

“Men and…

“And their one track mind. Worn out line. Next”.

“Well”, she said seriously, moving her head a little away to be able to see his face better, “So here they are. A man and a woman. The first soul mates. Two pieces of a single soul”.

He groaned in protest even though his eyes remained alive with interest, “Please don’t go down that sappy road”.

“Two beautiful rainbow dipped pieces of stardust”, she teased in a honeyed voice before before hesitating a little.


A certain amount of seriousness couldn’t help seeping through her lighthearted voice as she continued, “Two pieces of a whole. That’s how these two must’ve felt when they first met and later knew each other in a million small ways.They must’ve felt undefined forces inside them, pushing them to merge with each other in all ways possible. Maybe that first physical act…be it a kiss or the actual act of sex…was just a reflection of an overwhelming urge to merge, to become whole again at a level that goes beyond physical forms. At a level that is perhaps unattainable while souls are still trapped within bodies”.

Arnav drew her closer and flipped her on her back, his weight balanced on an elbow, his splayed fingers burrowed in his hair.

His upper body hovered over hers and she felt a tingle of desire in her lower stomach; with her eye lids heavy, she allowed her gaze to travel across the taut curves of his arms, shoulders and chest…before flicking back to his knowing eyes.

His mind was stuck in their conversation however as he said with a teasing grin, “Or maybe this urge is ‘pre-programmed’ to make sure we don’t become extinct like the mighty dinosaurs before us. All this mind blowing pleasure we get…”, he laughed silently, his body shaking, his face lifting to shed away countless years and their residue, “…is probably just a trick, a divine trick, to keep us multiplying…to keep the population stable”.

Khushi pursed her lips in disapproval even as her eyes swirled reluctantly with mirth, “There might be an element of that too, of course”, she admitted grudgingly, “And I know a lot of times sex is just for pleasure, even between people who love each other, but I can’t compartmentalize love and commitment and sex like a lot of people do these days. For me at least, they are inextricably intertwined”.

“Khushi”, he said sobering, something undefined in his eyes as they caught hers, “I…
Khushi covered his mouth with her fingers. “I don’t want to hear about your past”.

“I wasn’t going to talk about my past”, he said indignantly, removing her fingers, “And apart from what you already know, there isn’t much to talk about anyway. You’re making it sound as if I were an out of control…

“I’m not”, she said, equally indignantly, “I’m not implying anything. I just don’t want to hear about whatever little there is to talk about “.

“And, love”, he said in his best long suffering voice, “Like I just said, I wasn’t going to talk about it anyway”

They looked at each other blankly before their lips curved together as one again.
His eyes were soft, faraway and breathtakingly beautiful. Their gleam was sublime and his fingers tender as they slowly caressed her bare shoulder and arm. “What you just said about being two pieces of a whole. About feeling complete. That night…when we first…

“I know”, she whispered with a nod, her mind taken by the excruciating gentleness of his wandering fingers.

He pushed a strap of her aquamarine one piece swim suit down her arm before swooping to press a kiss on the crook of her neck. Followed by a trail of feather light kisses up her neck column that made her toes curl. He took an earlobe in his mouth and nibbled at it while his hand pushed away her neck line to cup and feel a pert breast in his callused palm, allowing his thumb and fingers to work on it’s sensitive nub.

She wound her slender arms around his shoulders, her body arching, her lips parting as he raised his head to thirstily claim her mouth. She tasted of a water melon flavored lip balm and mint gum; and his thirst was unquenchable.

They kissed with complete abandonment while her wandering hands felt his back, arms and shoulders muscles clench and unclench as his upper body moved over hers in a slow erotic dance.

She felt his arousal strain against her bare thigh; with a shiver of pleasure shooting through her spine, she entwined her bare legs with his. He took an aching nipple in his mouth and even as his tongue began it’s expert ministrations, Khushi pushed back at him.

“Let’s go inside”, she said as he finally raised his head to meet her eyes, his pupils dilated, his irises murky with desire.

“Khushi”, he sighed, “We’re the only people on this island right now”.

“But still…”, she said nervously, looking sideways at a sea gull that pecked boldly at an almost empty bag of chips, “What if a plane flies over us and…these sea gulls…”.

Arnav’s raised eyebrow, the expression in his eyes, said it all.

“A plane carrying aliens with telescopic vision you mean?, he asked sarcastically, sitting up and running his fingers through windblown hair, “And fucking voyeuristic sea gulls?”, he added with disgust, shooing away one that almost looked ready to have a go at his toes.

Khushi dropped a laughing kiss or two on his disgruntled face before standing up to offer him her hand. He didn’t try to coax her however and even as they entered their enclosed backyard with heartbeats in their ears, Arnav hauled her toward him, taking her lips in a searing kiss. He lifted her slightly off of the ground and on cue, Khushi wrapped her legs around him, his hard arousal pressing hard against her thrumming core.

Arnav pulled the chrome door handle to the outdoor shower, laughing shortly when he tripped over a step and stumbled inside with her still joined. He rested a hand on a frosted glass wall for balance before turning to look down at her, his face impassioned with desire. Her feet touched the floor and he turned the shower on. The warm water cascaded over them, washing away sand and salt, plastering hair against scalps, and filling the small stall with steam. With their clothes carelessly discarded on the floor, they faced each other. Arnav ran his hands down her arms before linking their hands.

Edging closer to the wall, he raised her arms, pinning them against the fogged glass above her. The muscles on his back strained as he bent down for another kiss. Even as the kiss deepened, he pushed her harder against the wall, freeing her wrists to part her legs before entering her with a single powerful movement. Her warm muscles and legs clenched around him and she drew her hip closer to receive all of him, her nails clawing deep into his back. Something incoherent escaped their lips before a series of thrusts morphed into a rhythm that catapulted them headlong into the sweetness of release.
Anita was almost asleep, her scrubbed clean face resting on her pillow, or rather her sister’s pillow because she had unofficially moved into her bedroom after she left for Florida, when his reply came. Sleepily, she fished her cellphone from under the pillow to glance at it.

“Darn it!!

That was it but it brought a sleepy smile on her face as she began to drift off again.

But yeah, I kept thinking who you reminded me of when we were talking in Amsterdam. It finally clicked today. Jasmine”.

And because Anita was Anita, even when she was half asleep, her eyes glinted with a witchy smile as she typed the response to his second text.

“Typical white response. Associating colored skin with exotic!

With the phone clutched in her hand, her head sank deep into the pillow again, anticipation of his response keeping her awake for but a couple of minutes before sleep vanquished her and took her to a strange land where she was Jasmine, Aman was Aladdin and the gray eyes genie, strangely enough, looked a lot like what she remembered of Arian.
They were at Water Commons amphitheater, West Palm Beach, for the last gig of their spring break tour. The last night before they packed their equipment onto their antiquated van one last time and left for Gainesville, where their campus was located, early next morning. Clematis by Night was a free city-run musical event that was celebrated every Thursday night with indie bands from all over the state not only showcasing their original work but also keeping the crowd, sprawling on the vast lawn beside the water way, entertained with covers of crowd pleasing mainstream music.

The event typically showcased an eclectic lineup – country, rock, R&B, reggae, blues, soul and latin and the event was known for hosting relatively unknown but talented musicians who’d later gone on to make a name for themselves in the music world. For the local populace, it was basically a chance to listen to new bands, try different genres and hang out with family and friends for free.


Arian disliked singing/ performing covers of songs. Although he was also pragmatic enough to realize it was unrealistic to expect the audience to be pleased solely with their own music which was characterized by a raw, experimental sound, meaningful lyrics and a certain smug pride in defying mainstream music conventions.

Linkin Park’s Numb was their band’s last performance and as diehard LP fans, Arian, lead vocalist and guitarist, Regina, keyboardist, Dan, bassist, and drummer, Pablo, embodying an aura of boundless energy and great mutual chemistry, appeared to play just for themselves at times.


The lead singer enthralled and energized the audience. His voice wrapped around the angst and the poignancy of the lyrics, elevating it to a spine chilling intensity; while his fingers flew off of his electric guitar with a passion that reflected on his face amidst the fog and laser beams.

The performance ended and while the audience was still applauding, Regina, like always, walked across to hug his sweaty body from behind, resting her cheek in the groove between his shoulder blades. While his body still thrummed with the aftereffects of music and adrenaline, her heart pounded against his back, telling him how much she wanted him. Despite their momentous fight earlier in the day, despite all the hurt in his heart, he felt his body hardening in response.  And hated himself for it.




Dear readers,

Hope you’re still enjoying this 🙂 Will really appreciate your thoughts and feedback. It not only makes my day but will also help me know my readers as I’m planning on making this blog private soon, as a precaution against plagiarism. Hope you all will  understand ❤

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117 thoughts on “SS: I-6: Deeper Than Flesh And Bones.

  1. I read all the chapters in one go and then read them again and again. I am loving this Arnav and Khushi who are so happy without the shadows of past hovering on their heads. I also really enjoy how even though they truly understand each other now, they are still discovering each other and just how happy they make each other.
    Anita was the main reason I really wanted to read this sequel and I am glad that we are discovering tids and bits about her life that does not include Arnav and Khushi. I also love how you portray her struggling with her feelings because in her position, it is easy to not understand what you want and what makes you happy. The way her conflicted feelings are presented makes me relate to her so much and I hope I continue to get insight into her thoughts as well the thoughts of her potential suitors.

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  2. Omgggg… This honeymoon period of arnav and khushi is dreamy…. The way they are together and in love make me crave for someone special too… They both surely can talk any topic… The whole discussion about primitive men and women and their reasons to find each other was interesting…. I totally agree with khushi… For me as a person love, commitment and sex goes hand in hand… It is an act of pleasure but feelings play an important role… Sadly this concept is rarely believed these days…
    And Arian is seeing his band member… Ooopps…. But for not long I guess… Here comes the main confusion… I was actually pinning for Aman and Anita angle… But this another A is an interesting man too…
    I guess I will have to just go with the flow and leave the story to u… Hehe…

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  3. Let me start by saying that Jen you have chosen a very apt title.
    Honestly speaking I really adore that couple alot who can do anything and talk about everything without hesitating . For me these types of couples seems me complete.
    While both Arnav and Khushi were talking on the love thing as well as physical intimate thing, i was so really happy.The comfort level they both share were amazing. What I like most about Khushi’s thoughts os that for her intimacy between a man and woman should not only be physical and body needs but should be about love,trust,committed to one another in every sense. Feelings does goes hand in hand while becoming one and when their is none then it is plainly body needs to relieve its frustration.

    So Arian Froster is already having a relationship. But somewhere his priorities has changed after meeting Anita. I won’t come to any conclusion now but only wait and see how this Triangle thing is going to get solved between Anita,Aman and Arian or three A’s!!!

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  4. Wow So Romantic Chapter
    Arshi’s first man and a woman talk was Beautifully Expressed
    Pre Programmed By Jobs hahaha that was Funny
    and Arshi’s romance is treat to read sply when its By You
    Arian Aman Anita jasmin Aladin and Genie This is something i am looking forward to read Arain is seeing band Member would love to read more

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