SS: I-7: And Deeper Than The Strongest Fears.


After half a night of carousing at a local hotspot, Arian and Regina had left relatively early for their rooms. Right off the freeway, their hotel was situated on the northern fringe of town. It was budget chain hotel and the supposedly amazing deal they’d bagged online was proven bogus by a faint musty smell immediately greeting them on stepping into their rooms.

The ruckus surrounding them told them that some sort of maintenance work was underway in the wing their rooms were. The rest of the gang, including Regina, had just shrugged their shoulders but Arian went down to the front desk to argue. Nothing came out of it for the first five minutes as they were booked out for the day and the front desk person seemed to hate his job. When Arian showed no sign of backing down however, he looked at him wearily and called the manager. They finally agreed on partially reimbursing him. Which although nice, didn’t really help; what he’d hoped for was for his room to be changed. His friends refused to move to another hotel and he made his mind to drive back to campus in the night itself. And this decision was further reinforced by his subsequent fight with Regina, which was followed by a sixth break-up in two year relationship.This time, he’d told himself grimly rubbing soap across his body under a shower head that shrieked like banshee, there will be no going back. No fucking makeups anymore.


Considering he was one of the two chosen to drive that night, he’d drunk with restraint, grimaced at the tasteless music they played and allowed himself to be amused by Dan and Pablo’s rather pathetic attempts to hook up with girls they’d only just met.

He tried to keep his eyes and attention away from her while Regina did the opposite. Turning on charms like a slot machine hitting jack pot, and behaving as though the angry words exchanged earlier hadn’t happened, that they were a figment of his imagination.

Her reluctance to take their relationship~ any relationship~seriously, her philosophy of living without bounds and shackles, day to day, moment to moment, was slowly tearing him apart, taking himself away from him. She’d described herself as an eternal traveler when they first met. Her spirit had intrigued him. Her mystery had inspired him to weave wisps of words, soul and music together. It filled his heart and palms with emptiness now.

She was of the wind and it’s floating leaves while his soul longed to be anchored. While she’d tried to lend him her wings, he’d tried to hold her back, trying to protect what he long recognized as a bruised unraveling spirit.

And now…he was just trying, with a touch of desperation, to protect his heart from tangling more than it already was with hers.

She leaned close, pressing breaths, apologies and declarations of love against his ear and neck; and he found himself weakening, making convenient deals with himself again.

One last time. One last night.
He lay with with his body spent, his heart desolate and his mind more alert than it had been the whole day. What’s with predawn stillness and it’s ability to intimately acquaint one with one’s choices? What’s with him and his propensity to fall into post sex existential crises?

The sex had been mind blowing as always; it had an unknown thread crackling through it like live wire. Even as their bodies met and separated with a rhythm at once languid and frenzied, an air of desperate demand shifted and bent around them. Both tried to make the other surrender; both spirits tried to possess that which the other lacked or was unwilling to give.

She had turned her back to him after it ended; his constricting heart hinted at the possibility that his heart might already be more enmeshed than he was willing to admit. He’d tried to draw her close but she nudged him away.

Her voice was gruff as she said what she had many times before, “You know I don’t do cuddles, Arian”.

As her words hit him again, he waved the sheet covering his naked body away and rose to his feet. He looked at her back as he put his clothes on; his gray eyes flickering with thought. He felt sorry for her but his own turmoil made him feel ill equipped to help her at the moment; the stone lodged in his chest dictated he leave the room while he was still sane. And he did after the briefest of good nights and an even briefer eye contact. They needed to talk, he knew, but it needed to wait.

Funny how similar fucked up childhoods can carve people differently, he mused, his car slicing through pre dawn air on an almost empty freeway, bleeding them into the adults they become or never do. Just as the horizon cleft into streaks of light, he forced himself to stop thinking. Running his fingers through his untidy hair, he exited for coffee, turning the music on full blast. No doubt life is often a snarling bitch but nothing like coffee and music to tame her a little.

Well, I came ashore in the dead of the night
Lot of things can get in the way when you’re tryin’ to do what’s right
You don’t understand it, my feelings for you
You’d be honest with me if only you knew
I’m not sorry for nothin’ I’ve done
I’m glad I fought, I only wish we’d won.***

It was Saturday afternoon and Anita sat at her desk, studying and intermittently chatting with Aarti, a habit detrimental to optimal productivity, she knew, but near impossible to break at times. And after lunch, when Aarti signed off to go out with her family, his reply came. It surprised her because she had been sure she’d offended him. Sharing space high up in the sky and a single conversation did not make them close buddies…like she somehow felt in her heart for no conceivable reason. Silly. Weird. Her comment had been unwarranted, she’d decided right after sending that text off and she couldn’t even delete it like he had…but oh well…whatever.

His reply was refreshing and amusing; it intrigued her, reinforcing the image she had of him in her mind.

“Possible. But hey, I can only be held responsible for my conscious thoughts and actions. Not for socially conditioned/ internalized shit that might or might not be present in my subconscious. In my defense, I’ve never met a girl, of any color, who reminded me of Jasmine before and believe me, I’ve lived through healthy diversity all my life. Can’t you just take a compliment, dammit?


“I was just pulling your leg. Thank you. What are you studying?, she changed the subject and turned the table lamp on. It was four and already getting dark outside.


“I’ll be majoring in English soon, hopefully next year. How about you? “.


“I JUST decided on majoring in English as well”.


“Aha…Just like Sally Ride?


Anita took a sip of tepid coffee and smiled at the screen, “You still remember our conversation?


“Of course. It wasn’t that long ago“.


It seems a lifetime ago to me“, she typed, her eyes dulling with shards of dreams, a pain that hit her out of nowhere and at a time when she’d least expected it. She bit her lip after she’d sent it, instantly regretting her inexplicable impulse.


Her long slender hands hovered over the keyboard as she paused, thinking of words to add to her previous sentence to rob it of some of it’s weight.


Growing up is painful but necessary, J“, his response came after a short while; her fingers relaxed to descend like butterflies on the cold keys.


Thanks“, they typed, without specifying what she was thanking him for. She knew he would understand and he did.


“For letting you bawl uninterrupted 40, 000 feet above ground? You’re welcome. How many people actually get a chance to do that? Didn’t want to play spoil sport”.


Thank you for letting me join The Mile High club“, Anita typed with a smile, blissfully unaware of her faux pas, having always thought of The Mile High Club as a generic rather than specific term.

There was bit of a pause after this earnest gratitude was conveyed.

Ummm. Okay. If you say so”.

His response did strike her as odd and she frowned to figure why, unaware of the mirth wracking her friend’s body at the moment.


And now I’d better go and study my ass off”, he typed, wiping a tear at the corner of his eye, a slow grin deepening the cleft in his chin, “Talk to you later, J“.


J? J for Jasmine?, Anita thought amusedly as she sighed off too, pulling her mind back to the paper she’d been working on since morning.
Arnav walked out of the meeting with relief, shrugging his blazer off and holding it across an arm as he walked down a carpeted corridor toward the parking garage. A monthly meeting every hospital holds to evaluate the gap between what is and what could be, and to systematically encourage the team to use their voice to expand ideas and drive growth, their meeting had just stopped short of denigrating into a clash of egos- a tussle among various specialties. It was a brand new facility and it’s growing pains tangible to every one involved.

It was twenty minutes after five on a Friday and the only day in the week when he got done with work before Khushi. It was also the day when they dressed and ate out, a routine started by Khushi among scores of others. She even made lists or set cell phone alerts for every task or chore there was, big or small. He hadn’t realized before marriage just how much of a stickler for routine and organization Khushi was. And truth be told, although he loved his little bundle of energy to death, this quality of hers did make him feel frazzled at times.

Once in the car, Arnav texted her before pressing the ignition button.


Where do you want to go tonight? Let me know so I can reserve a table”.

“I’m too exhausted to go anywhere today! It has been a crazy day and all I want to do is to put my feet up and relax. I’ll pick up something for dinner on the way home”.


Since he was about to leave, Arnav offered to do that in her place, smiling wryly as she protested genuinely for a second or two before adding a lengthy grocery list, a trip to their neighborhood Desi store and a trip to Dry Cleaners to his impromptu list of chores.


And don’t forget to put milk in the fridge

“Yes Ma’am“.
There is nothing like entering your home at the end of of long day and be welcomed by the combined scents of a home cooked or even home warmed meal, love and tranquility. It’s unmatchable. It’s food for the soul. Taken for granted most of the times, it’s value is perhaps best appreciated by those who’ve grown up without it, those who’re deprived of it or those who pause in the madness of life to be consciously grateful of it.

Khushi’s walked in and sighed, every muscle in her body relaxing as she dropping her handbag, sunglasses and keys on the foyer table and allowed her smile to follow the heavenly trail of scents. It led to their beautiful balcony with it’s white wicker outdoor set, lush potted plants, wind chimes, and a panoramic view of palm trees and inter coastal waterway fringed by the urban skyline.

Her besotted gaze was, however, only fixed on the sexy adorable picture her sweetheart presented, standing solemnly before their brand new grill, one hand in cargo shorts’ pocket and the other welding long handled tongs.
Arnav looked up from the smoking grill as she stepped into the balcony. His lips curved into a smile as she walked right into his one armed embrace, their lips touching briefly but tenderly.

“Let’s eat before you do anything else”, he said with a chuckle as her stomach rumbled loudly and elegantly. They were beyond being embarrassed by the various manifestations of the human physiology, as Khushi had put it rather delicately once, classifying it as yet another milestone in married life and another stroke on the changing face of married romance!

“Let me shower and change clothes first”.

“Please no”, Arnav groaned, carefully flipping Atlantic Salmon steaks that were brought pre-marinated from a local food market along with an assortment of mostly healthy side dishes, “I’m starving. Let’s eat first”.

That her husband had extremely low tolerance to hunger was another fact she’d learnt of him; much to her amusement he was practically a big baby when hungry.
Later in the night after dinner and cleanup and after she’d showered and changed into a sleep T-shirt and pajamas, they snuggled together on their bedroom couch, her tired eyes struggling to remain open for a TV show they both liked.

Even as her head grew heavier on his shoulder and her eyes began to flutter shut, their show ended; Arnav yawned and flipped the remote to a local news channel.

Perhaps it was a snippet of the unfortunate news that pierced her sleepy mind or perhaps she just sensed a change in Arnav. She raised her head slowly to focus on the screen. The newscaster was speaking about a preschooler drowning in a swimming pool in a town near them; without a word, Arnav turned the TV off.

As he rose and walked to the bathroom, Khushi felt a hollow sensation in the pit of her stomach, a heaviness in her heart. There are demons that recede into the shadows sometimes but are never completely gone.There are wounds that stop bleeding for a while but are never completely better.

Arnav emerged from the bathroom after a while, smiling at her as lay under the covers, making a remark about the show they’d just watched that she didn’t quite register.

He slipped in beside her and she slid close as always, resting her head on the curve of his shoulder, their bodies deriving strength from each other while their lips rested in silence and hope. It will get better in the morning, their hearts chanted, it always did.


Dear readers,

This is where I end today with the hope that you liked it. Will look forward to your reviews and feedback as always 🙂

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  1. Arian-Regina’s relationship status is obvious now. Let’s see what happens next between them. As for Anita-Arian, I guess they go well as good friends for now….their chat session was good for both. Is Aman going to make any kind of move at all with Anita I wonder!

    Arnav-Khushi’s domestic living is so damn cute and romantic. Arnav still thinks of his little Aarav and it’s more of a restrained emotion…it’s good that he married Khushi who is really understanding and provides him time and space to recollect himself and move on.

    I am just loving this story more and more…amazing update Jen!

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  2. Thanks for the regular messages, Jen. I just caught up with the last 4 chapters. Work and personal life have been keeping me away from reading this. I already look forward to Arian and Anita- they will be perfect for each other. They have been with people who were/are completely wrong for them.
    Arnav and Khushi have what we all want someday. SO nice to see them happy and content in their marriage.

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    Try to tell you no but my body keeps on telling you yes
    Try to tell you stop but your lipstick got me so out of breath
    I’ll be waking up in the morning probably hating myself
    And I’ll be waking up feeling satisfied but guilty as hell

    But baby there you go again, there you go again, making me love you
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    Got you stuck on my body, on my body like a tattoo
    And now I’m feeling stupid, feeling stupid crawling back to you

    So I cross my heart and I hope to die
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    And I know I said it a million times
    But I’ll only stay with you one more night

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  5. hi jenny hope you doing well i am sorry i am bit behind but finally catching up with the last updates, will update my detailed review soon, enjoying every bit of it, special mention i am really enjoying arian and anita story though no one can surpass arshi but i am really looking forward to anita and arian story.

    I.F name: faree

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    1. Dear Faree,

      So happy to see you here! Hope all’s well at your end 🙂 So heartening to know you’re enjoying A and A portions too. Thank you and will eagerly look forward to your thoughts 🤗♥️


  6. Arian and Regina’s relationship is on its last breath. The initial attraction between these two fading away to reveal how diametrically opposed they are in their views apropos life, relationship and commitment. Regina is a free spirit, with her own unique vision of life and the world. Arian on the other hand craves stability and a companion who understands him and his dreams.

    Anita and Arian’s easy banter brought a smile to my face. This naïve young woman uses the term “mile high club” without fully understanding its connotation. It was sweet of Arian to overlook Anita’s gaffe. I am looking forward to their meeting in Florida and their evolving friendship. Both are struggling to emerge from the darkness of failed relationships and it will be interesting to see if their association materializes into something more than just “friends”.

    Arnav and his “stickler for routine” wife Khushi continue to enjoy a physically and emotionally fulfilling life. Every now and then the shadows of the past make their presence felt in the present, bringing to the fore old memories attached to old hurts; old wounds scab over but the pain always remains. It is their unconditional love and support for each other that will keep them resolute, fearlessly facing the ebb and flow of life!!

    Jen, a lovely update drawing attention to the complexities of relationships; the choices we make and the chances we take…Beautifully done my dear!! 😘💖

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  7. Hey Jenn, lovely update yet again by all accounts… Very realistic portrayal of the failing relationship between Arian & Regina… It takes a while to physically and emotionally acknowledge that a relationship is dying or dead… The state of inertia is hard to overcome sometimes. Even though, you know, there is no future in the relationship anymore, couples sometimes go through the motions trying to fool themselves and their partners, that there still might be something… Only that, no one is really fooled.

    It takes an external force to change that state of inertia, according Newton’s First Law of Motion. [Sorry science junkie here 😉 ] and I believe, Anita is that external force here. 🙂 When he sees how cute, naive and refreshing, Anita is, compared to his current jaded and may I say, corrupt, girlfriend, he will soon figure out whom he really prefers more…

    I loved the Arnav & Khushi portion as usual… I think you may know why, by now. 😜 Their domesticity is a treat to read & of course, you deserve all the accolades in making their daily humdrum of living the life of newly married a couple, so pleasurable to read… 👌👌

    It is so understandable what Arnav is going through… Even though, you try to forget and move on, but there will be something or the other that will pop up every now and then which will bring back the pain all over again and take you back to the same dark days again… But what is worthy of noticing is that Arnav, thanks to having Khushi beside him now, to hold him close to her heart & comfort him with her unconditional love recovered a lot more quickly than he would have done in the past without Khushi beside him. He has come a long way when the mere whisper of Aarav’s name would put him in such a dark place when he had to resort to booze and/or sleeping pills to suppress his guilt and grief… But now, all it took was a few private moments in the bathroom for him to gather strength to deal with his immense loss and move on, because there is really nothing he can do now except remember Aarav with love and wish that he is in a much better place now than when he was with him. So that was real progress I saw there, the power of love healing someone. Superb! 👌👌

    Wishing you and other readers a Very Happy Diwali in advance!! May the festival of lights, drive away darkness in all its forms, from all of our lives, and shower us all with good health, peace & happiness!! ❤️ 💛 ❤️ 💙 ❤️ 💚

    Adios amiga!

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  8. Arian and Regina’s relationship is complicated and so well depicted. People with similar scars still evolve and react differently. I felt like he was leaving her with a sense of hopelessness as he starts driving.

    Arnav and Khushi are indeed settling down into happy matrimony with the myriad of minor adjustments and a lot of trust, support and familiarity.

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  9. Nice update
    So Arian and Anita are going to study together
    hope both will find solace in each other
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  11. Loved the blossoming friendship between Arian and Anita. Too early to predict how their relationship will progress but I think friendship is the first step in any relantionship.

    Arnav and Kushi have settled into their marital routine and it looks blissful. Shadows from past are bound to creep up now and then especially the loss of a child . It will take some time for it to heal – probably when they have a child of their own!

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    Hope so Arnav – Khushi will be able to lead a normal life….. I genuinely wany them to have a normal family with children running around because they have suffered a lot in their past….. They deserve to be happy…….

    ( orchids8888 from IF)

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  13. Arian’s relationship with Regina is strained yet he continues to be with her. What is their story? Did you already tell us Jen? I am sorry I forgot if you already mentioned.
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    Arnav and Khushi are enjoying their marital bliss. The scene with Arnav at the grill was perfect!
    It’s always so hard to overcome death of a dear one! Only time will heal the bruised soul!
    Happy Diwali to you and your family Jen!

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    What can anyone write more beautiful than the below sentences:

    She was of the wind and it’s floating leaves while his soul longed to be anchored. While she’d tried to lend him her wings, he’d tried to hold her back, trying to protect what he long recognized as a bruised unraveling spirit.

    Arian and Regina’s relationship has been so well described by you. Similar broken childhoods, yet both turned out to be different individuals with different wants and needs. How long can they survive this non existent pseudo bonding .

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    Arnav is surprised at Khushi’s planning and I can totally imagine Khushi to be such a highly organised person.

    Some wounds never fully heal and one such would be the death of a child I guess.

    Arnav does hurt but he has learnt to deal with the pain and sorrow and move on and he has Khushi by his side now.

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    Promise I will be commenting soon, for the next update. Pakka promise.

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    Arnav is such a sweet husband and its really funny to know that he gets frazzled by Khushi’s organization skills. What I wouldn’t do to get those skills!!? Thanks for another amazing update! Now back to nursing my sore throat:(

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    1. Loved your kind words dear friend and thanks for leaving them despite not feeling well….hope you get well soon ♥️ Here’s sending you virtual chicken soup, lots of love, hugs and warmth your way 😊🤗😘


  16. Arian and regina’s relationship seems strange to me. I don’t think it’s love but just physical intimacy or I can say they are just using each other to fulfill their physical need. It sounded so insensitive when Regina refused to cuddle after sex. But Arian seems romantic and I can anticipate that Anita is his kind. They already are enjoying each other’s company in SNS.

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    looking forward to the next update.

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    Arnav will never get over this pain… but at least he has someone if he needs a shoulder…
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  22. Hi Jenny, came across your ff saffron fields in the suggestions list on IF. Read the whole ff in last 4 days. I simply loved it. Loved all d characters rit from Lavanya to Arian. The way you have described the complexity of relations is too good .Loving the sequel SIlver Sands as well. Anita is just sooo Adorable. Lets see whether its Aman or Arian !!
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  24. Lovely chapter Jenny.
    Arian and Regina both are at stalemate here. Their physical intimacy is still explosive but for how many more days it will upheld their sinking relation without emotional attachment.

    Anita is so naive. I think Khushi also get to know the real meaning of mile high club only after Arnav have introduced her to it **tongue in cheek**.

    I’m enjoying the marriage Harmony between Arnav-khushi. They have come to enjoy each other’s even simple habits and quirks.

    Loosing a child is never easy. The pain may eases over the years but it never goes away. Arnav is lucky to have Khushi by his side.

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  25. Mile high club ! Anita is adorable…she brightened Arian mood and mine too 😀 She does not think much of her looks? Will eventually accept that she does remind him of jasmine..hope so.

    Arian had a troubled childhood…somehow I thought otherwise. He pretending not hearing her cry on the flight ( very behavior maybe)…but he approached her later too while she was boarding right? Sensitive and caring for a stranger. I assume Regina and he have been a couple for a while….a habit..physically compatible…different values? Does he find it difficult to break up with her because he cares or because she is part of the band?

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  26. Thinks are really not OK between Arian amd Regina. I guess they both are in for a break up and it will follow soon.
    Arian feels lighter while he have a chat with Anita something he was missing so badly.

    Arnav and Khushi finally came back to their respective works. Really amused as Khushi gave Arnav a shopping list and Arnav was actually shopping . Men especially HATE shopping and here Arnav the romantic hubby was doing this so that Khushi doesn’t tire herself out.😍😍
    During the marriage phase the couple finds more about each other than being in a relationship period. Staying together does makes a whole lot of difference. You tend to learn more about one another. Well the news brought back dome painful memories to Arnav. Some scars does not heal with time it remains there only. Really happy that Arnav and Khushi were each other strengths silently,words were not needed at all.

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  27. Another heartbreak or was it just an illusion between Arian and Regina. An attraction or infatuation that both thought to be LOVE. This was I guess never meant to be. I just you know thought while reading the digital conversation between Arian and Anita as I can’t help myself stop thinking that Arian was vey comfortable in to than just pretending or taking another burden on his heart. I seriously wont jump into conclusion between these three A’s that I fondly called now means Aman,Anita & Arian!!!

    Arnav and Khushi are back to their respective work after their dreamy honeymoon period. What amused me was that Arnav the sexy hubby was going for shopping so that Khushi does not get tired. That what dearest husband HATES the most and he actually dod that for his childlike wife whom he loves alot.😘😘
    Well all husbands should learn from him right Jen😜😜
    Well often staying together does help the married couples to know about each other more. Discovering new things about your partner does makes it more thrilling and enjoyable to live a lifetime, somethings that courtship period doesn’t help!!!

    No matter how much you look forward for new light your past foes makes a way yo your life again and that’s what happened with Arshi. While watching a mews on T.V., that news did brought Arnav and Khushi to past. I don’t know if I am reading to much or I am completely gone mad is it a sign that Arnav & Khushi should start thinking about having a family. Why I think that Aarav will be back in the form of Arshi’s baby.

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  28. So arain and Regina is In complicated Relationship I think Only Arian he should come out of this
    Anita and Arian’s conversion was Good i Want to Read more About Anita and arian i am Loving them (of course Arshi is still my fav) J for Jasmin Lovely
    and I As i Said this Arshi and Their daily Life I loved them and Felt very Bad for Arnav when he saw News
    But Khushi is with Him then Evrything will be okay

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  29. oh Arnav… some wounds never heal…
    oh I feel bad for Arian… is he in love with Regina ??
    As mentioned earlier…love Anita/arian text exchanges… lol Mile high club…. i didnt know what it meant until i googled it when i had read that term in one of the stories i read 😛

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