A Long Glimpse And An Even Longer (And Important) Note 😊



“Smells often prove to be an irresistible bait for memories. With unexpected clarity, they bring back various facets of consciousness they were entwined with at those moments long past”

With his fingers stilling, his eyes broke away from the laptop screen. From his vantage point, his swept across the wide expanse of the thawing valley – the mountain air filling his lungs reminding him of what felt like  in hindsight, what was closest in description to  – as dramatic as it sounded – to his rebirth or reawakening.

“Shadows and Tides”, he returned to his laptop and typed, “The push and the pull…

Undeterred by the gravity of his expression, the little guy who’d been hovering around him for a while came to halt before him, observing him with frank curiosity. Leaving his sentence unfinished, he looked back at him. Wasn’t it yesterday when he was but a newborn and Khushi, finding him in her inexperienced arms suddenly, had signaled for his assistance with panicked eyes.

With a flare of emotion sweeping his eyes, he put his laptop aside and pull him onto his lap. Even as he settled on his lap like a long lost friend, Arnav gazed up at the open skies above in a somber, sacred conversation.



She gazed at the wand – at the twin blue lines – with unbelieving eyes. No, she shook her head, this can’t be true. As badly as she wanted what those blue lines implied, she couldn’t bear how…how unfair it was, it would be to him.



University of Michigan. She stared at the email again and again with a diluted sort of pleasure that dissipated soon after it flooded her heart. The finality of his silence, his absence from her universe, had never felt this excruciating before. She bit into a knuckle, trying to stifle a sob that tore right out of her heart. It was a losing battle.



It must have been love but it’s over now
It was all that I wanted, now I’m living without
It must have been love but it’s over now …




Dear friends,

Thank you for having come with me this far. From February 2013 – June 2018! Who would have thought that a Hindi show and it’s dearly loved ship, Arnav and Khushi, would spark the imaginations, dreams and pens of so many of us from across the world…and for so long! I’ve never before or since experienced a fandom like this one!

As I prepare to embark on the final leg of this story in particular and fan-fiction writing in general, I would love to know all of my readers and your thoughts (even a couple of lines will mean a lot to me.

Dear silent readers, I have nothing against you but if the reason you don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to share your thoughts here is something I can help with or rectify, please feel free to share it with me 🙂

A few of you DMed me and mentioned not being proficient enough in English as one of the reasons but please don’t let that stop you from expressing your thoughts. Proficiency in English – or any other second language – is by no means a measure of intelligence or the quality of a person’s thoughts and ideas ❤

Whatever the reason behind your silence, do spare a moment to help me know you, to let me know that you’re still reading the story, and that you’re interested in continuing to read it to it’s conclusion. I will try my best to understand and take you all along with me 😊

Most importantly, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for being so consistently kind and indulgent, for overlooking the many glaring flaws in my writing and storytelling (Personally, revisiting and revising my stories is a big cringe fest to me !!) and for encouraging me every step of the way.

With a vacation, a wedding in the family, guests from overseas and a new job in the offing, Summer 2018 promises to be exceptionally busy and much as I want to plunge into Part IV right away, I need time to gather my thoughts together 🙂 I promise to be back after a longish break end of August. Length wise, Part IV will be as long or slightly longer that Part III.

I do hope you all will still be here when I return 🤗

I will post the new banner and update glimpse of IV-1A middle of July and August respectively 😊

Lots of love,








286 thoughts on “A Long Glimpse And An Even Longer (And Important) Note 😊

  1. Finally caught up with this story after so long Jenny. Its been a crazy schedule for me the last few months (long winter in midwest) and multiple shows on the road. When I look at the three characters in the triangle (Anita, Aman, Arian), the solution is so clear yet in real life one has to go through heartbreak for a hopefully good outcome 🙂 Though the need to give Aman a whack on the head does pop up!
    Poor Arnav and Khushi – the saga continues. He has still not found closure re his son’s tragic death. The hardest thing for a parent to outlive a child – my husband’s uncle just lost his only son who was in his fifties recently and the family is still grappling with the loss. The blue lines, a sign of the stork’s appearance is good news – and its going to be a long bumpy ride for this couple.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As I mentioned in my comment on SF I caught up to this last chapter of SS now and it was such a treat Jennifer. Although a bit got off guard and disappointed with this not being all about our Arvan & Khushi :(. Please don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed Anita’s turmoil filled love story… but you spoiled us so much with SF being all about Arshi, hence the surprise!
    Aah, the blue line :)…looking forward to this next phase of our favorite couple…I am sure Arnav will eventually embrace this much needed and welcome addition that will only heal his past wounds. Can’t wait to see how you will reveal both their reactions and acceptance process.

    Enjoy your time off and take your time dear!

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  3. This will be a long wait for pretty sure that it ll be worth every word for us as readers! I cant wait to see how Anita and Arian’s story unfolds. Thanks for sharing this with us! Enjoy your time with your family and new adventure that is coming your way! Lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Missing you Jen and your wonderful characters. Looks like Arnav is back in Kashmir and on a houseboat. The little kid which was a baby when Khushi and him had visited the managers houseboa, is now a young toddler. Khushi finding her pregnancy test positive, how will she deal this news with Arnav.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey Jen,
    It’s amazing to see how far your characters have come and how deeply connected your readers are to them. I honestly wish I could ‘unread’ the story so I could experience it all over again. Your story telling is absolutely breathtaking and I can’t wait to see what awaits the characters in the future.

    Kit. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Dear author,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. I cannot analyze and write long comments on the story. But your writing ability and the dedication and patience and discipline it requires is inspiring. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the story with us. Looking forward to the last part.

    Liked by 1 person

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