Banner For Part IV



I made this banner a little while ago (on a flight!) and couldn’t wait to share it with you all! I think I just might be getting a little better at making banners 😊

Can’t wait to hear what you think of it 🤗

Lots of love,



50 thoughts on “Banner For Part IV

  1. Beautiful banner! Always wanted to see Arshi having a baby. And can’t wait to read what happens further in Arian and Anita’s lives. Do update soon!

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  2. Love, love just Loved the new banner. If You made this on a plane up high in the air than I really want to see what will you come up with on the land among us mere mortals :).
    Really looking forward to see Khushi pregnant and Arnav embracing this new chapter with all of his love and confidence. Also waiting eagerly to see if Anita finally takes that right step towards Arian. You’ve made all of your readers eager beavers so please start updating soon. Take care.

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  3. So the first pic shows me joy, second hope, third quiet, and fourth, a fleeting moment of pleasure…

    And all of them together show that summer is well over 😀

    Eagerly waiting…

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  4. I just saw this and now, I’m a pile of mush – my mind singing with a thousand beautiful possibilities! The wait is torturous now!

    I too think it’s Anita and Anita making the snow angels. It’s so them 💕

    I was listening to this song on radio and immediately thought of Arian…🙂

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