Author’s Note


Dear readers/ friends,

Welcome to the home of Saffron Fields and Silver Sands. If you’re a new reader reading Saffron Fields for the first time, thank you so much for stopping by & I hope you find it worth your while.

All returning readers, what can I say? Your unwavering love, kindness, support and generosity since 2012-2013 always make me speechless. So, in typically Arnav fashion, I can either say, Kya Bolun Ab or I love you, dammit and both will be equally true 😊

A thank you feels inadequate, but still, a heartfelt thanks once again.This blog is truly dedicated to all of you 🙂

This blog will be for both Saffron Fields (complete story in itself & slightly different from IF version) and Silver Sands, it’s sequel, which will be a 25-30 part short story.

INDEX: Saffron Fields and it’s sequel, Silver Sands’ index is included at the bottom of each post and page. If you scroll down, you should be able to find it with the most recent chapter on top. Saffron Fields is open to all for limited time only.

For Email Notifications: Please scroll down to the bottom of any page or post to either press the follow button [If on WordPress] or enter your email [If not on Wordpres] to recieve emails with each update. People who are not on WP can also follow this blog and comment by entering their emails (which are never made public)

TWITTER: You can also follow me on Twitter @Bookmarked11 for update notifications.

Let the journey begin ✨

Love always,



65 thoughts on “Author’s Note

  1. Hi Jenny,

    One of my friends recommended ‘ silver sands ‘ to me so here I am. Although they also said that to understand this story I must read your other work titled ‘ saffron fields ‘, but just my bad luck that when I thought of reading it you have decided to pull it off from the blog.
    As far as I remember I think I read a little bit of SF on India forums when you had just started writing it. I think I read a few chapters in one go and could not read anymore or comment on the story because of the divorce angle. My brother at that time was going through a very messy & ugly divorce. Although he had no kids but still his ex made everything super difficult. So I guess at that point reading anything in that genre was I guess difficult for me. I still remember the few chapters that I read had me weeping because just like Arnav I could imagine my younger brother’s pain & frustration on being stuck in an unfair situation.
    I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to read SF or SS but still I wanted to let you know that you are a wonderfully gifted writer. If your stories can make a person weep or feel ecstatic than i must say that you are doing a bang on job. Hope you keep getting inspired like this always. Hoping to hear from you & to be given access to your blog. I will wait to read SS till I can first read SF. Stay blessed.

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  2. Hi Jenny, its really sad that people do such cheap acts of copying someone else’s work. I am so sorry you had to go through this. Will you be sending the password to read the chapters? Please let me know how I can access reading your stories. All of your stories are so well written.

    – Jessy

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  3. Hi Jenny,
    i am usha (IF – ID-raniusha) here..I Toattly agree with you…As a writer to protect your creativity you have to some steps…i respect that…At present I am following silver sands only…all the other stories i have read and they are awesome…Thanks for giving the readers such wonderful stories..I do not have wordpress account…so kindly send me the password to my e or…Thanks Jenny and Wish you all the very best

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  4. Hey dear…
    I’m new here,me come across ur ff recently…
    I have read 1st chapter of saffron fields,it was so amazing… well other chapter are password protected…
    I ll pleased nd glad if u provide access to other chap of urs…. ll wait to
    hear from u

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  5. Hi dear…I started reading wt Silver Sands…love to read Saffron Fields too…
    since its protected…can i kindly ask u 4 the pwd plz…
    thanks dear.


  6. Hey jenny !! Remember me ?? I am a regular reader of ur work !! Reading a late spring !! I know this one is also an amazing work of urs !! Plzzz plzz plzz give the password !! Want to read more work of urs !! Muahhh thnx


  7. hey Jennier,
    loved the prologue & would love to read the rest of the chapters including your other stories. i’d very much appreciate the password to get in please.

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  8. Hi Jennifer,

    I was referred to your blog – from ipkkndficverse. I couldn’t read the FFs I intended to, as they were password protected, but I did end up reading “The bride with a doll” and “Yours”. Amazing stories and absolutely brilliant writing. I am dying to read your other creations as well. I would be really grateful if you could grant me access to read “Saffron fields”.

    I tried to PM you on IF, but got this message – “Magnolia007 has exceeded the maximum number of Private Messages they are allowed to receive.”

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